Sunday, January 11, 2009

Minha Alma Brasileira

Translation: My Brazilian Soul 

What we have here folks is almost 3 hours of non stop Brazilian madness! This just may be the only Brazilian mix you'll ever need.......well not really, but almost!

Not so much of a "mix", this is really more of a compilation of some of my favorite tracks with styles ranging from soft bossa/samba, brazilian breaks/funk & jazz to dancefloor booty shakin' batucadas and brazilian housemusic.....whew!!

Ok enough reading, start downloading cause it's gonna take a while, enjoy!!!


1. Astrud Gilberto - Ponteio
2. Sergio Mendes feat. Stevie Wonder - Berimbau
3. El Goulart e Banda Do Mato - Sunny
4. Bossa Nostra - Crickets sing for Anamaria
5. Marcos Valle - Online
6. Joyce - Nome de Guerra
7. Quetzal Guerrero - Raimunda
8. Banda Favela - Neguinho
9. Vanessa da Mata - Dao Me Deixe So
10. Bob Dusi & Banda Gharanga - Engano
11. Aricia Mess - Super Legal
12. Jose Roberto - Crioula Multicolorida
13. Trio Mocoto - Beleza! Beleza! Beleza!
14. Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Agora E Moda
15. Nonato & Seu Conjunto - Cafua
16. Nonato & Seu Conjunto - Tereco
17. Paula Lima - Quero Ver Voce No Baile
18. Da Lata - Ronco Da Cuica
19. Antonio Adolfo - Luizao (Daz-i-Kue Re-edit)
20. Negrocan - Aquela Esquina (Snowboy Remix)
21. Snowboy - Wild Spirit
22. Grupo Batuque - Compadre
23. Los Ladrones - Butta Fingas
24. The Ipanemas - Afro
25. Mestre Suassuna e Dirceu - Capoeira de Sao Salvador
26. Dom Um Romao - Ginga Gingou
27. Arakatuba & Liliana - Riva
28. Dona Amelia - Coisa Bonita
29. Steppah Huntah - Eu Quero Ver
30. Malena - Para Ti (Criancas Remix)
31. Quasimode - Ipe Amarelo (Spiritual South Skitzophremix)
32. Mustafa - Vem Pra Sambar (Hedi Benromdan Sunshine Mix)
33. Wagon Cookin' - Mar (Extended Version)
34. Fantastic Plastic Machine - The Whistle Song

Lenght: 2hrs 40min

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to Inspiration

The title of this mix is taken from the intro I used....but for a reason. The beats, vibrations, and head noddin' sounds you are about to encounter will give you just a lil' glimpse as to what you can expect to hear during a typical night at Inspiration.

What is Inspiration????


1. (Intro) Bembe Segue - Welcome to Inspiration
2. Gianluca Pighi - Opah Genesis
3. Joe Rizla - Working Overtime
4. Marlon D - Sizzling Congas (Underground Collective Mix)
5. Djinji Brown - Smile
6. Flowriders - Russelology (Bittersuite Mix)
7. Abicah Soul - O que E que A Baiana Tem (Azee Mestre Dorvial Mix)
8. Bolla - Afrikan Basement (Pt. 1 & 2 Edit)
9. Somi - African Lady (Soulfeast Remix)
10. Louie Gorbea - Gorbea (Feat. Boddhi Satva)
11. Broki - Es Que Lo Es (Kay Suzuki mix)
12. Cuica - Nights Over Vauxhall
13. Ron Trent - Look Beyond
14. Trinidadian Deep - What is it (Ront Trent Mix)

Download Here
Lenght: 1hr 21min

Passion for Percussion

Ever find yourself stuck at a lame house party where everyone is just standing around looking at each other and drinking cheap beer? Don't let this happen to you.

(Step 1.) Buy good beer!!

(Step 2.) Have this mix handy in your ipod!

Passion for Percussion is a continuous mix of Latin Jazz & Salsa from past and present. Drop this at the next lame house party and watch the asses started shakin'

Download Here
Length: 1hr 18min

Allow The Music To Heal

Here's a mix I did many moons ago, but still sounds ohh soo good till this day. More on the instrumental deeeeeep side of house. Listen to this mix once in the morning and once before bed. If boredom symptoms continue, it may be a sign of other serious musical illness!!

Download Here
Length: 1hr 13min