Thursday, January 1, 2009

Passion for Percussion

Ever find yourself stuck at a lame house party where everyone is just standing around looking at each other and drinking cheap beer? Don't let this happen to you.

(Step 1.) Buy good beer!!

(Step 2.) Have this mix handy in your ipod!

Passion for Percussion is a continuous mix of Latin Jazz & Salsa from past and present. Drop this at the next lame house party and watch the asses started shakin'

Download Here
Length: 1hr 18min


Igor Dario Arias said...

Excelent mix, great sound, solo sabrosura, do you have the tracklist??? Thanks....

and Jose Marquez said...

Hey thanks Igor. I did this mix a while ago and i didn't do a tracklist for it back then. But if some songs interest you, give me the times that they start and I'll get you the info :)

DJInnaSoul said...

Excellent mix dude !!

Thanks !!!