Thursday, January 1, 2009

Allow The Music To Heal

Here's a mix I did many moons ago, but still sounds ohh soo good till this day. More on the instrumental deeeeeep side of house. Listen to this mix once in the morning and once before bed. If boredom symptoms continue, it may be a sign of other serious musical illness!!

Download Here
Length: 1hr 13min


seastoofar said...

I actually like this, thanks for sharing man

and Jose Marquez said...

Thank man, glad u dig the sounds :)

- Jose

kevin said...

is there anyway you can list the tracks I love this mix. especially the first 3 tracks.

and Jose Marquez said...

Hey Kev, the tracks are

1. Jumbo Life - Lush Essence
2. Euphonic 7 - Some Place Chill
3. Ancestry - You're the one

All on WAX, look on ebay or for these, good luck!