Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to Inspiration

The title of this mix is taken from the intro I used....but for a reason. The beats, vibrations, and head noddin' sounds you are about to encounter will give you just a lil' glimpse as to what you can expect to hear during a typical night at Inspiration.

What is Inspiration????


1. (Intro) Bembe Segue - Welcome to Inspiration
2. Gianluca Pighi - Opah Genesis
3. Joe Rizla - Working Overtime
4. Marlon D - Sizzling Congas (Underground Collective Mix)
5. Djinji Brown - Smile
6. Flowriders - Russelology (Bittersuite Mix)
7. Abicah Soul - O que E que A Baiana Tem (Azee Mestre Dorvial Mix)
8. Bolla - Afrikan Basement (Pt. 1 & 2 Edit)
9. Somi - African Lady (Soulfeast Remix)
10. Louie Gorbea - Gorbea (Feat. Boddhi Satva)
11. Broki - Es Que Lo Es (Kay Suzuki mix)
12. Cuica - Nights Over Vauxhall
13. Ron Trent - Look Beyond
14. Trinidadian Deep - What is it (Ront Trent Mix)

Download Here
Lenght: 1hr 21min


Fatima said...

10. Louie Gorbea - Gorbea (Feat. Boddhi Satva) IS DA SHYT!!!

Gianluca Pighi said...

Thanks for your support!!!
Nice Selection ;)

and Jose Marquez said...

No thank YOU for making the awesome music! :P

Gee said...

(((((((((JOSE)))))))) I stumbled upon your site. Your selections are amazing. You are amazing. Are you on Facebook? I need u to play in Miami 2010 for the WMC. Find me...

No, I'm not from Miami but NYC. HOUSE MUSIC FOREVER!