Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where has all the love gone?

So while going through my music I realized I haven't made a nice "soulful" mix in a while, and with Valentine's Day around the corner I thought this would be perfect...but don't expect this mix to get you laid, lol!

I decided to call this mix "Where has all the love gone" cause while searching for tracks, I realized I didn't have as much new soulful housemusic as I used to. In this day and age where anyone can make music on a computer (including myself, haha) quantity has won over quality and I find myself buying less and less of the good stuff.

But not to fear, there are still many Housemusic SOULdiers out there making meaningful music and this mix is a testament of that. Expect nothing but Deep, Sensual and Vocal goodness on this one!!


1. QNB - Electricity (Wayne Gardiner Remix)
2. Jody Watley - Waiting in vain (Ron Trent Remix)
3. Black Coffee - Come back
4. Dunneasy feat. Kenny Bobien - Summer Nights
5. Ethan White & Lisa Shaw - Find the way
6. Alex Valentin - Summer Breeze
7. iSoul8 - Give it up
8. Jessica Williams - Mingle with the night (Estranjeros Remix)
9. Qness feat Malehloka - Uzongilinda (Abicah Soul Mix)
10. Reelsoul - Anotha Day
11. Wayne Gardiner feat. Karina - Bacio (Kiss)
12. Atjazz - City Madness (A&D's 4 the Summer Remix)
13. Donna Allen - He is the joy (Rocco Remix)
14. Cassio Ware - Baby Love (Chord Mix)
15. Martin East Project - Forever More (MSRS Remix)
16. Carolyn Harding - Be with you (Blvd East Mix)
17. Ron Trent - Sweet Chocolate
18. Ananda Project - Let love fly (Joe Claussell's Extended Mix)

Length: 1Hr 54Min


jasmine angelique said...

Thank You, Thank You Jose!

Aleks Figueroa said...

Many thanks from Dream Jungle down in Long Beach! Thank you for staying in and sharing your collection (again). If I may repay you with a tattoo, please don't hesitate to drop a line. Your gift as an unselfish audiophile is appreciated. The love is everywhere, and thank you, again!

and Jose Marquez said...

Jasmine Thanks!

Aleks, thank you too! Thank for the tattoo offer!! Your artwork is amazing and will def keep you in mind in the future when I'm ready :)

Modern Soul Radio said...

You da man!
-David Montoya(Estranjeros,Modern Soul Radio)