Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where has all the love gone?

So while going through my music I realized I haven't made a nice "soulful" mix in a while, and with Valentine's Day around the corner I thought this would be perfect...but don't expect this mix to get you laid, lol!

I decided to call this mix "Where has all the love gone" cause while searching for tracks, I realized I didn't have as much new soulful housemusic as I used to. In this day and age where anyone can make music on a computer (including myself, haha) quantity has won over quality and I find myself buying less and less of the good stuff.

But not to fear, there are still many Housemusic SOULdiers out there making meaningful music and this mix is a testament of that. Expect nothing but Deep, Sensual and Vocal goodness on this one!!


1. QNB - Electricity (Wayne Gardiner Remix)
2. Jody Watley - Waiting in vain (Ron Trent Remix)
3. Black Coffee - Come back
4. Dunneasy feat. Kenny Bobien - Summer Nights
5. Ethan White & Lisa Shaw - Find the way
6. Alex Valentin - Summer Breeze
7. iSoul8 - Give it up
8. Jessica Williams - Mingle with the night (Estranjeros Remix)
9. Qness feat Malehloka - Uzongilinda (Abicah Soul Mix)
10. Reelsoul - Anotha Day
11. Wayne Gardiner feat. Karina - Bacio (Kiss)
12. Atjazz - City Madness (A&D's 4 the Summer Remix)
13. Donna Allen - He is the joy (Rocco Remix)
14. Cassio Ware - Baby Love (Chord Mix)
15. Martin East Project - Forever More (MSRS Remix)
16. Carolyn Harding - Be with you (Blvd East Mix)
17. Ron Trent - Sweet Chocolate
18. Ananda Project - Let love fly (Joe Claussell's Extended Mix)

Length: 1Hr 54Min